The esthetic surgery of the face – Imperfections

The esthetic surgery of the face – Imperfections

The esthetic surgical interventions of the face include all those interventions of facial plastic surgery that aim at remodeling certain imperfections and at restoring the harmony of the face in its totality. Some of these imperfections are of congenital nature, such as lop ears, aquiline nose, retracted chin.

Other imperfections occur with aging and with the process of issue aging, such as drooping eyelids, bags under the eyes, lack of tonus and of freshness of cheeks and face. For all those types of imperfections, there are facial esthetic surgical interventions able to provide the best results. In these cases, we are talking about

Esthetic surgery to rejuvenate the face.

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Chirurgia estetica viso – Inestetismi


Lifting of forehead / Lifting of eyebrows / Blepharoplasty / Otoplasty / Rhinoplasty / Minimal Lift / Lifting of neck  / Cheek enhancement / Cheek Lifting / Lipofilling